Junior Tennis Program
To sign up for a class or if you have any questions, please contact Shawn Conyers at
coachshawn2@hotmail.com or 443-322-6581.

Little Tennis 1, ages 2-4
Classes are designed to spark an interest in kids at an early age. Children will play plenty of games to bring many giggles and laughs. The class will focus on developing eye, hand, and feet coordination, and learning proper skills to begin playing the game.

Little Tennis 2, ages 4-6
Classes are designed to teach players the fundamentals of the sport. All activities focus on building agility, balance, and coordination skills (The ABCs), while developing the on court skills needed to serve, rally, and score.

Future Stars, ages 7 and 8
Classes are designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing special equipment, shorter court dimensions, and modified game and scoring. The focus of the clinic is proper stroke development, court etiquette, keeping score, beginning match strategy and games, and focusing on proper strokes.

Stars, ages 9 and 10
Young players will develop technically and be introduced to competitive play. Some in this age group will prepare to participate in junior interclub matches when ready.

Futures, ages 11 and 12
Classes are designed to enhance a player’s physical, mental, technical, and tactical ability. This will be accomplished through specific drills, exercises, and modified match play.

High School Drill, middle and high school players
Classes are designed for middle and high school players looking to develop their strokes and game styles. The players in this group will form the core of our junior interclub program.